Lifestyles are constantly evolving, and today, small space living and minimal designs are on the rise. This presents a challenge if you need your own home officeOpens in a new window… and those challenges double if you need an office for two. If you and your partner both freelance or simply need a space to work from home, a shared workspace may be just the thing.

Here are some things to ponder when considering a workspace for two:

  • Will either of you be on the phone frequently? If so, a shared workspace could put a damper on your ability to crank out work.
  • Do you have similar style tastes? If one of you likes vintage-inspired designs and the other retro with neon colors, you may have to make some style compromises.
  • What organization habits do each of you keep? If one person has chaotic workstyle habits while the other is more methodical, consider how those differences will affect your day-to-day, especially if you’re sharing supplies.

That said, let’s explore a few ideas on how you can maximize the use of your work area and usher in productivity at the same time.

Urban Workspace for Two

  • Placing two L-shaped desksOpens in a new window together, or using one L-shaped desk and a matching standing desk, is both trendy and effective at providing separate yet cohesive workspaces.
  • Mounting wall shelvesOpens in a new window will help you save on desk space, and mitigate any incoming clutter.
  • Be sure to express both of your tastes! It’s a workspace—not a dungeon. Utilize wall art and decor accents that inspire each of you.
  • Any reminders of upcoming appointments are perfect on a chalkboard or corkboard; that way, you’re both kept informed of each other’s schedules.
  • Urban style is versatile, and accentuates neutral-toned decor with pops of color effortlessly. You can go bold, or stick to dark metalOpens in a new window and wood for that industrial vibe.

Chic Workspace for Two


And now, for something completely different…

  • Keeping your space light and bright—with just a touch of girly-girl—is the perfect setup for roommates.
  • Using a screen to divide two L-shaped desks is a chic way to eliminate distractions caused by the other person’s movements and activities.
  • Integrating plants and greenery (even if they’re not real) can help boost your mood during work.
  • Keep a file cabinet close at hand so important documents and papers are at-the-ready.
  • Matching chairs can make your white workspace more cohesive, and embody elegance.

Traditional Workspace for Two


  • No matter what kind of desks you have, you can place them side-by-side or, for more efficiency, add a storage system in-between so it’s easily accessible for both parties.
  • Enlisting symmetry in your space—especially with wall art and table lamps—can create a harmonious work area so you can focus on what’s important.
  • Storage chests are a perfect complement to a bookcase for important documents.
  • Need to prop up your feet? Having a pouf close by will come in handy for that.
  • Keep mementos, sculptures or documents you’re currently working on in the desk’s open shelving so it’s at-the-ready for you.

Bohemian Workspace for Two


  • When it comes to boho, never be afraid to mix and match colors, patterns and styles.
  • Having a gallery wall of both of your favorite pieces shows off personality and flair. If you’re wondering how to create a gallery wall, feel free to check out our blog on it here!Opens in a new window
  • Additional lighting, such as string lights or table lamps, can add to the calming ambiance and allow you to reduce eye strain while on the computer.
  • Having chairs with a pop of color will inject vibrancy into your workspace, and stand out from the wood of desks and other storage furnishings.
  • Accessorize with stylish vases or sculptures on your bookcase for even more eye-catching oomph.

Minimalist Workspace for Two


  • Making less is more count means everything needs a place—and having desks flush face to face with additional storage does just the trick. This is especially handy if you work together, and need to collaborate in order to get projects done.
  • Having an accent table with caster wheels means you can cart paperwork away when you don’t need it and have it by your side when you do.
  • Sticking with soft neutrals reduces distraction so you can make work time count.
  • Opting for textures instead of bright colors, like this jute weave rug, will ensure your room isn’t bland or boring.
  • Keep the tools you need frequently close at hand and stow everything else so your mind stays clear.


Do you have a shared workspace? If so, how have you curated it to meet the other person’s needs, while also staying concise and organized? Share with us by using the hashtag #MyAshleyHome; we’d love to see it!