With Old Man Winter blowing in, are you yearning for the warmth and relaxing ambiance of a fireplace but worried about the cost? Today’s electric fireplaces are an easy way to enhance your home’s decor. Among the many available types, you can now find fireplace inserts that are designed to fit snugly in entertainment centers, TV stands, media chests and even dressers.

Consider their many benefits:


  1. Since electric fireplaces provide a secondary source of heat and use less electricity than your home’s main heating system, they can help lower energy bills. Turn down the thermostat and turn up the romance of a real fireplace!
  2. There is no need for wood or chimney maintenance.
  3. The installation of a wood or gas burning fireplace is costly, disruptive and time-consuming. The purchase of a fireplace unit is practically effortless.


Thanks to infrared heat elements and LED lights, the realistic appearance of flames is produced without the addition of gas fumes or smoke in your home. Plus, you’ll be relieved of the chore of storing the firewood and removing the ashes.


  • The fireplace inserts fit into furniture, which saves space.
  • Installation is simple and the fireplace is portable for moving day.
  • Most fireplace inserts have a removable front flame assembly. Optional faux glass crystals or natural stone can be used for decorating the flame bed as you like.
  • Many units have displays that can operate with or without heat—allowing operation year-round.

Wall Unit

Corner Unit



Fireplace inserts are operated with a remote control, giving you the ability to:

  • Turn the fireplace on or off.
  • Adjust flame size and ember colors.
  • Set the thermostat.
  • Program timers—no more waiting for the fire to die down.


With a LED-lit fireplace unit, there are no open flames and no hot embers to handle—perfect for creating a safe home.

When it comes to choosing new furniture, remember to look for pieces that have the fireplace option. You can have a romantic fire in the boudoir, a cozy glow in the corner of the den, or a blazing flame in the family room. Now, just imagine: your family all snuggled in, watching their favorite movie in the warmth and glow of your very own fireplace—how rewarding.

Go for a contemporary look using a wide fireplace insert.

Do you have an electric fireplace? Please share what you like most about it.