Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we just love this amazingly easy and delicious pink hot chocolate. No need to make reservations at an expensive restaurant, just pop in your favorite movie and heat up this tasty sweet treat. Here’s how you can whip up this savory holiday delight:watch Life 2017 movie online now

-2 cups of milk
-4 oz. of white chocolate (chopped)
-2-4 drops of red food coloring
-Choice of sprinkles

-Heat milk in a small pan
-Add chocolate pieces and stir until chocolate is dissolved
*do not allow the milk to reach a boil
-Remove from stove and add in 2-4 drops of red food coloring
*the more drops you add, the more red your hot chocolate will be
-Pour into your favorite little mug

Have you been crafty this Valentine’s Day? If so we would love to see what you created. Share it with us using the hashtag #MyAshleyHome.
Happy Valentine’s Day