Hut, hut hike! As football season gets underway, where will your family and friends gather to watch the hoopla? Get your game on and prep a room to enjoy the excitement, food and camaraderie. Score a touchdown in everyone’s playbook with this checklist of 10 pregame changers for home.

Cushy Recliner

Whether it’s manual or power, a reclinerOpens in a new window provides ultimate aahs making it a great choice for resting between plays. Your only worry—who gets the best seat? Psst…tackle that worry by adding more.


Snack Table

When nobody wants to get up, a chairside table is the perfect holder for keeping snacks and remotes within reach.


Coffee Table

Doubling as a smorgasbord during game time, a coffee tableOpens in a new window keeps favorite finger foods within reach of hungry fans.

rectangular coffee table with casters

Entertainment Center

Optimize the view of your widescreen and create a stadium experience with a state-of-the-art entertainment center—a definite crowd pleaser.

beautiful distressed dark brown entertainment centers

SofaOpens in a new window

Get ready for extra quarters! Make sure your crowd has a comfortably spacious place to sit, recline and cheer their team on.


Lucky Football

What’s more important than a lucky football? You may not be superstitious, but it can’t hurt to have a good luck charm on hand for the sake of the game.

Lucky Spirit Towel

As excitement builds during big plays, show team loyalty by waving a rally towel—get one for everyone in the room and encourage big cheers.

Game Day Munchies

Stock up on chips, pretzels, nuts and crackers. Add salsa, queso, ranch dip and cheese spread to treat everyone’s taste buds. You don’t want to run short, especially when the game runs long.

Team-Themed Coasters

Protect tabletops from sweating glasses and cans, while showing support for your favorite team.


Foam Sleeves for Drinks

Decorated with your team’s logo, foam sleeves that hold cold drinks will keep them frosty throughout the game.

By going all out with this top 10 list, everyone will champion a comfortable home field advantage, when it comes to watching games.

How do you prepare for games? Do you have a great game-watching memory? We’d love to hear your tips and stories in the comments section.