Like many homeowners before, you might be struggling to choose between purchasing a sectional or a sofa and separate chairs. Well fret no more. We have a few tips that should help reduce the stress and make your decision much easier.

Before committing to a sectional or separate seating, consider your:

  • Lifestyle. Is the atmosphere in your space cool and casual or is it formal? Does your family spend the evening lounging together in the living room in front of the television, or are they more reserved and prefer chatting with guests? Consider how your family uses the living room before ultimately making your decision. A sectional is ideal for stretching out and marathon-watching your favorite shows while a sofa and chairs is more conducive to a less leisurely lifestyle.

  • Room’s layout. If your space is L-shaped or otherwise oddly laid out, you might think that you have no choice but to go with separate seating options. But, if you’d really prefer a sectional over a sofa, don’t settle for your second choice so quickly. Take careful measurements of the room and make a trip to your local Ashley Furniture HomeStore. An associate might just be able to find the perfect sized sectional for your awkward little space.

  • Personality. Many homeowners make a hobby out of changing out their spaces with the seasons. If you find yourself swapping your bedroom’s accent chair with the dining table’s head seat—or making other switcheroos on a whim—you’ll probably be happier with a sofa and separate chairs. If you’d rather design a space once and forget about it, then a sectional might be the ideal fit for your personality.

Above all else, choose what you love.