Ah, Valentine’s Day. When love blooms and cupid’s flawless aim brings together even the most unlikely pairs. We love a good love story, and are excited about these design couple goals that will have you singing simple love songs.

May/December Romance

Sometimes it’s the star-crossed lovers who have the happiest endings. Take a look at what happened when Jessica LawhornOpens in a new window played matchmaker, setting up her old dining room table and new Trudell dining chairs.Opens in a new window The result is traditionalOpens in a new window luxury with a fresh-faced appeal.

Shine Together 

Ever notice how beautiful people seem to find other beautiful people? Brad and Angie, Chrissy and John, and this lovely duo – our Vilonia sofaOpens in a new window and Coralayne tables.Opens in a new window  

Naimah DesignOpens in a new window put these gorgeousOpens in a new window pieces together and look at the sparks fly.

The Girl Next Door

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to find love. Our simply perfect Lamoille counter tableOpens in a new window is the ideal match for modern industrial Pinnadel bar stools.Opens in a new window

Opposites Attract

When the most unlikely pairs get together, the results can be magical. The Indie HomeOpens in a new window built her own nook table and paired it with mid-century inspired Centiar dining chairs.Opens in a new window City chic meets homespun for a match made in heaven.

Meant to Be

First, there’s the sidelong glance. Then someone smiles. And before you know it, church bells are ringing, with everyone saying it was only a matter of time. That’s the story of our serene Dolante bedOpens in a new window, paired with the timeless Culverbach bedroom set.Opens in a new window Simple profiles and soft hues are destined for happiness.