Giving your house a springtime update is as easy as one, two and three.

Step One: Work with what you have

When it comes to decorating for the spring and Easter season the best rule of thumb is to keep it simple. The spring palette is an assortment of subdued colors; soft white, buttercream yellow, muted tan, pale green, baby pink or powder blue. This palette pairs beautifully with nature’s neutrals. Anything made of rope, wood or linen can be used plus, ceramic or glass works just as well this time of year. And the great news is, once you own the essentials you can use them with different accents through the changing seasons. Set the stage for your spring refresh by using lamps with linen shades or glass bases, earthenware jugs or jute rugs, animal figurines or floral upholsteries.

Step Two: Introduce spring elements

Now assemble flowering branches, potted bulbs, cut flowers, decorated eggs, shells, berries, moss, or almost anything with an outdoorsy feel to it and add it to your design. Here’s where you can go wild with your pastel palette. Try to add a springtime garnish in unexpected places—a wreath around a lampshade, a nest of eggs under a cloche or an Easter drawing on a chalkboard. Sometimes it’s the little touches that make all the difference.

Step Three: Finish the look with some sparkle

Finally, introduce a touch of glitter to keep the look from being too bland. Just a little goes a long way this time of year. Metallic elements are an easy place to start. Mercury or mirrored glass will brighten the look, as will glittery eggs, branches, ribbons or an Easter wreath on the door. Have fun with it, no one ever accused springtime of being a wallflower!