The advent of the New Year is always a good time to reflect on goals and make thoughtful resolutions about how we want to improve our lives. Here are some suggestions to bring the resolutions for 2017 closer to home.

Get Rid of Old Stuff

Many people tend to acquire new things faster than they get rid of the old. This can lead to overstuffed closets and overcrowded living spaces. If you’ve noticed more things lying around your home than you have uses (or space) for, now is the perfect time to give those items a new home. If a piece is in good condition but no longer useful to you, donate it to a local charity and pass on the joy the item gave you to someone else.

If your space is being taken over by things that are no longer useful to you or anyone else, then decluttering is as simple as getting a few trash bags and dedicating time toclearing out your space. If the task seems daunting, setting a timer for 5 minutes to an hour a day for dedicated cleaning time can really ease any anxiety you are feeling.

Acquire Attractive Storage Pieces

If you’re not interested in elimination so much as organization, beautiful and functional furniture might be the perfect solution. The following are examples of pieces that look great in their own right while also helping to keep clutter at a minimum:


Storage benches:

Beds with built-in storage: