Let’s get real here—it can be downright frustrating (and nearly impossible) to get your kids away from their tablets and apps. They seem to constantly have their heads glued to an electronic device of some sort or another. Too much screen time contributes to headaches, eye-strain and even sleep disorders. Maybe it’s time to get your children back to basics with some good old-fashioned reading. Try our easy and creative ways to update their bookcases and inspire some serious R&R (reading and relaxation)!

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Darling Decorative Tape

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Most craft stores carry a huge assortment of decorative tapes. Narrow your choice to 4-8 patterns in complementary colors so you can mix and match as we have done. Be sure to double-check the packaging to make sure the tape is removable, in case you ever want to swap it out for a whole new look.

To begin, lay the bookcase flat on its back and start your pattern on one side of each cubby. Next, measure and carefully cut the tape to the proper length, then smooth each strip in place as you work your way across the surface.  Finally, add your accessories and sit back and admire your handiwork.

Beautiful Book Covers

Does it bother you when the book covers don’t match the colors and design of the room you’re decorating? Don’t worry, be happy—these DIY wrapping paper book covers are a simple way to keep your color scheme pulled together while also protecting the books from damage.

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We created these beauties by first removing the covers from our favorite books and laying them flat on a piece of wrapping paper. Then we traced an outline around the cover and carefully cut it out. Now fold the cover back into the book for a sweet and stylish look.

Bonus: If you feel up to the task, try your hand at using a paint pen in a fun color to write the title of the book on the spine or the front cover!

How did your projects turn out? We’d love to see your book looks on our Instagram feed. Be sure to include #MyAshleyHome.