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Here’s What Your Furniture Says About Your Personality
Thoughtful and brave

Always considerate of others’ feelings, you strive to make an impact by lending an ear to those who need it most. You’re also a planner who takes scheduling and decorating seriously. As such, your love of modern style means you’re always up-to-date on the latest trends, and willing to try something new and off-the-wall (or on) in order to express yourself.
Down-to-earth and caring

You find happiness in everyday life, even if it’s the little things. Whether it’s tending a garden, or spending time with your children, you celebrate and nurture. Your love for family, fun, and friendship is unrivaled, as well as your skills for entertaining. Decorating is a very personal experience, and one you find great enjoyment in doing over time as you find the right pieces. This translates your love of farmhouse style into a genuine and welcoming space.
Intuitive and loyal

Your insightfulness, combined with a willingness to stick by those you love most, makes you a very trustworthy person. Having a penchant for elegance translates directly to your perfectionism, as well as a desire to be rooted in tradition. Your love of traditional style means you have passion for things of yesteryear, and desire the finer things in life.
Dedicated and good-natured

Your dedication on day-to-day duties is unmatched. Although you can be direct and to-the-point, it isn’t in an off-putting way, and continuously invites people in to want to get to know you. Ultra resourceful and able to craft and create the things you need, you’re not daunted by difficult tasks or challenges—this translates to your love of urban style since it lets you decorate no matter the size of your space or loft.

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