I’m the kind of person who loves to switch up my look, whether it’s my wardrobe or my decor, expressing my personal style is important. I’m always looking for ways to refresh my home, especially if it involves using pieces and materials that I already have.  Implementing drawer liners is a great way to revamp your space and add a flair of your unique style to your home.  Whether you prefer to update your colors or patterns every season or just whenever you’re feeling inspired, DIY drawer liners are a great way to keep your style up to date for a low cost and little effort.  

20160914_155951 (2)

For this demo, I used a wrapping paper that features acorns and gold tones to remain neutral and embrace the upcoming holiday season.

20160914_160805 (2)

What you’ll need:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Wrapping paper
  3. Clear contact paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Precise cutting tool
  6. Tape (optional)


Step 1- (1)

Step 2- (1)

Step 3-

Step 4-

Step 5-

Step 6-

Step 7-

This DIY decor is the perfect way to keep your home updated with the season! It would be a great addition to a dining room server to complement your holiday or usual dinnerware and is a sure way to impress your guests.  You can use this drawer liner concept for any and every room to spread your personality and showcase your style throughout your home.  My favorite part of this DIY is that it takes less than thirty dollars and under thirty minutes to complete so it can easily fit into your busy schedule and won’t consume your weekend.  So go ahead and try it for yourself, after all, it’s your and your family’s style that makes your house your home!